The trust is providing scholarship to schooling children. Further higher education will be arranged through volunteering organization.

Likewise all the temple needs should be provided through wholehearted sponsors.

We also provide “Anna dhanam” to devotees.

We also protect nature through restoring plants and trees.

The DPS Charitable trust provides Medical services to the Volunteers.



Sno. Name of the Activities Remarks
1 Educational Scholarships:

Our trust provide with education scholarship for the students who are economically poor in status through various serving communities.

2 Serving people through free medical camps:

Our trust serves the society through free medical camps. We can also provide tie up medical support to the people. We got tie-up in the leading hospitals and serve the community with the help of them.

3 Medical Expenses:

We may also provide with medical expenses through the schemes which will serve the poor people's need.

4 Restoring plants and trees to empower nature:

We are planning to provide plants and trees for Schools and public areas.

5 By offering “ANNADANAM” to people:

Annadhanam will be provided in the temples to give food to the poor people.

6 Providing self employment needs:

Our trust provides self-employment needs through the help of other social welfare committee.

7 To promote self actualization:

We enhance the quality of living of the individuals through giving awareness as well as counselling to the low esteemed persons and other peoples.

8 To assist and help victims of flood relief, natural calamities, destitute and orphanages:

We also help the people who were affected in the natural calamities and any other country problems. We may also get help from other serving trust to save people.

9 To establish and run charitable Medical dispensaries, hospitals, Clinics:

Our future goal is to establishing medical dispensaries, social welfare hospitals.


To open Medical shops Pradhan Mantri Jan Aushadhi Yojna scheme to sell generic Medicine in Rural Areas