The sacred tradition of "providing food" is annadhanam. We salute our farmers in the world, who grow and nurture the whole grains and vegetables for all the people in this world will get benefit from those grains. These people are the living legends and true server of our nation have ever known. Each grain is the price of our farmers. Over and all the above Almighty God will bless the souls who help our farmers and who provide food for the people who in demand of this. There is a great saying by a scholar " No Child Will Go To Bed Hungry" This our logo and our aim to create a new world where no child is hungry again. We are grateful to do this service for our nation. All our mothers are called " living Angels" because she provide with the food and love from the time when our foot touches this sacred land. So we have our greatest gratitude to each and every mother in this world. Here we gather each and every humanity hearted person to join our goal and fulfill our dream by your humble device.